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Checking In With Maryland & Rutgers: March Sadness Edition

Conference Tournament Week and Selection Sunday did not go well for the former ACC and AAC members.

"Can we do a running clock, or no?"
"Can we do a running clock, or no?"
Joe Murphy

This will be the last edition of "Checking In With Maryland & Rutgers" I will ever write. *pours out some Diet Coke* Cut me some slack, it's 2 o'clock on a Tuesday, I'm not drinking...yet. I have had a great time covering the two future B1G conference mates, discussing the teams with their fans (mostly Maryland, but a little Rutgers too), and getting a jump start on what our conference will look like next season. While I'm looking forward to officially welcoming Maryland and Rutgers to the Big Ten, it's still going to be so hard to say goodbye to this post. Each team, unfortunately, has only one game to report on from last week, so let's get down to business.


The Terps (17-16, 9-9 ACC) had a chance, a good chance, to earn a postseason bid this year despite losing a number of heartbreaking games throughout the season. All they had to do was beat Florida State in the first round of the ACC Tournament and they were pretty much assured of an NIT bid. Win a couple more games, and they could have played themselves into the bubble convo for the NCAA Tournament. None of this happened, however, and the Terps fell to FSU 67-65 on a last second dunk by FSU forward Boris Bojanovsky, whose parents stole his name from the Big Book of Russian Villains in Movies. Terps fans can just add this game to the long list of missed chances that Maryland had all season and then continue mainlining Natty Boh (Wikipedia link for you native Midwesterners) until football season. Maryland was up by two at halftime, but could not build on that lead. Dezmine Wells and Seth Allen each had 18 points to lead the way for the Terps, and Jake Layman had 15 and six off the bench. FSU outrebounded Maryland by 13 and shot at a much higher percentage (48.1 to 39.2) than the Terps, which were two major factors in their loss. Maryland is returning literally everyone next year, (well not literally everyone, John Auslander is graduating but he averaged 2.4 minutes per game, soooo you get the idea) and brining in a top recruiting class, so the B1G is being preemptively put on notice by me! WATCH YOUR ASS NEXT YEAR, TOP OF THE B1G!


Welp, nothing to see here. I'm pretty sure they didn't play a game in the AAC Tournament. See you next year, Rutgers! But seriously, did you see the score of that game? Louisville 92 - Rutgers 31. Rutgers lost to Louisville this season by margins of seven, 48, and 62! If they played one more time, I'm completely certain that Louisville would win 99-1. In the first half of their most recent debacle, Rutgers had more turnovers than points in the first half and ended up with 26 turnovers the entire game. Louisville scored 34 points in the second half, which would have been enough to beat the Scarlet Knights point total from both halves. Myles Mack lead the way with eight points. Eight? Yup, you read that correctly. Kadeem Jack filled up the stat sheet, as it were, with seven points, six boards, and seven turnovers. You know how earlier I said I wasn't drinking on a Tuesday afternoon. This game recap just made me crack open a beer. Rutgers seemed headed in the right direction near the end of the season, with some wins and some close losses to ranked team, but this. Man, this is not a good way to end the season. Rutgers will struggle in their first season in the B1G and Purdue can look forward to a guaranteed win!

It has been a great season of recapping Maryland and Rutgers basketball for you guys, but if I had to write about one more game where Rutgers lost by 40+...I don't think I could have been held accountable for my actions.