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Week 20 B1G Power Rankings - Spartans Control Final BTP Power Rankings

MSU takes firm control of the #1 spot this week.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With the postseason upon us, here are you final power rankings of the season.  It's been a fun ride through the year and with 9 of the conference's 12 teams competing in the postseason, it should be fun.  There were not too many shakeups this week, but it is interesting to get the feel of things going into the most important time of the season.  I did go a little brief on analysis of movements this week since all the games were in the Big Ten Tournament and pretty self-explanatory.  Here are the BTP Power Rankings:

Week 20 Power Rankings

#1 - Michigan State (Average - 1.3)

#2 - Michigan (Average - 1.7)

#3 - Wisconsin (Average - 3.0)

#4 - Ohio State (Average - 4.0)

#5 - Nebraska (Average - 5.0)

#6 - Iowa (Average - 6.9)

#7 - Minnesota (Average - 7.0)

#8 - Illinois (Average - 7.6)

#9 - Indiana (Average - 9.2)

#10 - Northwestern (Average - 9.6)

#11 - Penn State (Average - 10.8)

#12 - Purdue (Average - 11.9)


The Spartans jumped to #1 after winning the Big Ten Tournament.  Michigan slid down to #2 this week with Wisconsin a decent hunk back at #3.  There was some debate about who deserved the top spot, but MSU's recent run just looks like enough to get them on top.

The Buckeyes took firm control of spot #4, but Nebraska has a sharp divide from the lower portion of the field as well.  Really, there were strong divides from 3-5.  Iowa barely edged out Minnesota.  Can't say I really agree with this considering how bad Iowa has been recently, but I guess their early season success keeps them there.  Illinois took over spot #8 as well.  The bottom spots were pretty predictable considering how each team did in the Big Ten Tournament last weekend.