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Kale Abrahamson to Transfer from Northwestern

Sophomore forward Kale Abrahamson will transfer from Northwestern following subpar season.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Collins announced Monday that Kale Abrahamson will transfer from the Northwestern men's basketball program.

Abhrahamson played in all 65 games in his two years at Northwestern. This season he contributed 15.4 minutes per game and scored 3.8 points per game. His best outing came in November when he made five threes and dropped 19 points against UCLA.

The sophomore forward was not a good fit for the offense Collins wants to implement at Northwestern. Under Bill Carmody, Abrahamson moved well in the Princeton offense to get open looks. Abrahamson's greatest asset on the floor was certainly his three point shot. He shot 34.6 percent from deep this season.

Abrahamson didn't seem to have much of a future in the Northwestern program. He is an average defender at best and struggles to score off the dribble. Collins wants to incorporate more isolation and on-ball screens, a poor fit for the 6'7" forward.

The departure of Abrahamson opens up another scholarship for Collins to work with. NU's coach is still expected to bring in a transfer forward to make up for the lack of size down low, and he now has another scholarship to use in the class of 2015.

Abrahamson becomes Northwestern's third transfer to be announced this season, after Ajou and Mike Turner.