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Week 20: Big Ten Maintains 4 Ranked Teams - Spartans Blow Up In Polls

The Big Ten maintained the same number of ranked teams as last week, but look much stronger.

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MSU's win over Wisconsin was vital to their rise this week.
MSU's win over Wisconsin was vital to their rise this week.
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Seeds are set, and so are the final rankings before the NCAA Tournament. The Big Ten enters post-season play with one team in the top-ten and four teams ranked. Here's how the rankings look for the Big Ten:

AP Top 25

Rank Team Record Votes Prev
7 Michigan 25-8 n/a 8
11 Michigan State 26-8 n/a 22
12 Wisconsin 26-7 n/a 12
22 Ohio State 25-9 n/a 24

Others Receiving Votes: n/a

USA Today Coaches' Poll

Rank Team Record Points Prev
8 Michigan 25-8 563 9
13 Michigan State 26-8 394 22
15 Wisconsin 26-7 387 13
24 Ohio State 25-9 91 24

Others Receiving Votes: Nebraska 6, Iowa 1

Who's Hot:

Michigan State jumped significantly up the rankings this week and considering some of the comments out there, some may have pushed them even further.

Moving up 11 spots in 1 week is incredible, however it happens. MSU beat Northwestern, Wisconsin, and then Michigan last week. Beating 2 ranked teams in a single week is never an easy task and the Spartans have cemented themselves as a tourney favorite.

Who's Not:

Not too much changed here for the Big Ten, but Wisconsin did slide slightly after going 1-1 against Minnesota and MSU this week. That really is not a bad week all things considered so there should not be too many red flags in terms of the Badgers right now.

Notables Nationwide:

Probably the most notable thing about this week's poll is that SMU is ranked. This may not seem that interesting, but SMU was not selected to the NCAA Tournament. Yes, a ranked team will not be included in the big dance, which is astounding. Whether you value the rankings or not, that's not something you see everyday.