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Join BTP's Bracket Pool

March Madness is right around the corner. Make sure to join our Bracket Pool.


Selection Sunday is on the horizon and the NCAA Tournament kicks off next week.  WIth that in mind, BTP has officially created our own bracket pool.  Finally, we get to see whether our writers or readers will rule the brackets.

There are also a few perks to joining our bracket contest.  First, you have a shot at winning this absolutely awesome looking BTPowerhouse T-Shirt.  Who doesn't love a free T-shirt?


Also, make sure to check out the T-shirt in the store, just in case you don't win the contest: BTP Store.

Another perk is that we will be using Yahoo, which features the shot to WIN A BILLION DOLLARS.  Yes, ONE BILLION DOLLARS.  Personally, I'm excited about winning that.  Like seriously, once I get the check, I haven't decided whether I'm going to get a yacht or a new house first.  It will be a tough choice.

There are a few steps to joining BTP's Bracket Pool and winning our great T-Shirt:

  1. Register with Gameday Depot (they make the T-Shirts). You have to use a real name and a real email address in order to be eligible.  Link is here.
  2. Next, make sure to ONLY compete in ONE SBNation bracket pool (obviously BTP).
  3. Finally, go to our Bracket Pool and join here.
Remember, each of these steps is necessary to be able to win our epic T-Shirt.  If you do not register, unfortunately, you can't win, so make sure to register, only join one bracket pool on SBNation, and be ready for some epic March Madness this year.