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Big Ten Bracketology: Blind Resume Quick Hitters

Which teams would you put in the NCAA Tournament?

Andy Lyons

Team X Team Y Team Z
Record 20-12 20-12 19-11
RPI* 51 48 41
SOS 6 19 27
Non-Conf. RPI 24 54 87
Non-Conf. SOS 43 182 100
Vs. 1-25 2-6 2-8 3-6
Vs. Top 50 3-8 4-8 3-7
Vs. Top 100 6-10 6-11 8-8
L/10 5-5 3-7 8-2

*Prior to the Thursday games

These are the blind resumes of the three Big Ten teams on the bubble. One of these teams is considered a lock, the other is considered almost a lock and the other is considered on the outside of the bubble.

Two of these teams will likely end up in the tournament. So without cheating, which teams would you take here?

Also take into consideration that one of these teams, which is Iowa, is about to see their RPI drop after losing to a Northwestern team with a RPI of 133.