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BTT Outlook: Michigan - Nik Stauskas Looks To Continue Its Brillant Year

As the #1 seed, do the Wolverines have what it takes to win 3 games in 3 days and win the B1G tournament?

Nik Stauskas and co. will look to build off an outright B1G title for Michigan
Nik Stauskas and co. will look to build off an outright B1G title for Michigan
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

With the final buzzer sounding between Nebraska and Wisconsin, the final seeds for the B1G were finalized. Michigan seems to have a great draw, playing the winner of Indiana/Illinois and then potentially playing Ohio State/Purdue/Nebraska. For Michigan, this is quite an excellent draw. While Nebraska has made a late surge, the Wolverines are the only team to have beaten Nebraska in Lincoln, and Nebraska appears to be the "toughest" team on the top half of the bracket. Michigan has beaten both Illinois and Indiana in the past week, so they will be familiar with playing either team in the quarterfinals.

Overall, Michigan needs to take advantage of a relatively weak draw and should make the finals. Nebraska could end up being a potential roadblock in the semifinal, but the Wolverines match up well with the Huskers on both the offensive and defensive end. Ohio State has been erratic at times and Michigan has enough firepower to run over them as well. The only potential road block on the road to the finals is Indiana. The Hoosiers have given Michigan fits in both games this year, and are playing for the NIT and pride at this point, which makes for an especially dangerous team.

If Michigan were to win the B1G and a few other top teams were to lose in their conference tournaments, could a #1 seed be at play? They have arguably the best player in the conference in Nik Stauskas, and Jordan Morgan will look to follow up his exceptional performance on senior night. It's too early to tell, but after a 15-3 record against the conference, Michigan should really like their chances to take home the B1G championship.