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Introducing Christopher Novak - BTP's Newest Contributor

BTP has added a new contributor. Read about him here.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Big Ten Powerhouse is pleased to announce the addition of a brand new staff member. In the site's desire to expand coverage, we have added Christopher Novak to the staff. Though Christopher is not traditionally from Big Ten country, he brings many skills to the site (including SEC level speed) and should be a great addition.

I'm currently a student at The University of Missouri in Columbia, Mo., born and raised in Bridgewater, New Jersey. I'm 22 years old and pursuing a sport management degree, but my passion for writing has not gone away. I'm a big fan of Peanuts comics, Taylor Ham, and am a displaced Atlanta Falcons fan. I've been an avid college basketball fan for many years, having grown up in a basketball-rich area. The Big Ten has not flown off my radar with many friends of mine being from the land of the Big Ten now that I go to school here.

You can follow Christopher on Twitter here: @ChrisNovakSBN