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BTP Site Update & Postseason Coverage Information

With the postseason drawing nearer, we have some information we want to pass on to our readers about coverage over the next few weeks.

Hopefully the B1G gets another run like this.
Hopefully the B1G gets another run like this.

As we sit currently, we have less than 2 weeks remaining in the regular season and most teams in the conference are down to their last 3 or 4 games of the year.  With this in mind, we thought it would be a good time to update our readers on the site and what to expect as we enter both the Big Ten Tournament and the postseason.

But first, a brief introduction.  My name is Thomas Beindit (@tbeindit) and to those of you who are new to the site, I am one of the site's managers (the other being Bryan Steedman). Some personal notes: I graduated from the University of Michigan, am currently enrolled in law school, and also write for Wolverine247 on 247Sports.  Myself and Bryan took control of the site last year and we are excited about its progress and future potential.

Of course, for our site, March is the big time of the year.  March Madness is when all the nation's eyes are on their brackets and college basketball.  The Big Ten has improved to become one of (if not) the nation's premier basketball conference.  This means we are going to see a lot of teams in action for significant portions of the postseason.  In fact, in the last projections I have seen, the conference is slated to have 5 NCAA teams, 3 NIT teams, and possibly 2 CBI teams.  This is a massive portion of the conference that will be in action.

For Big Ten fans, what is perhaps even better is that we get a full conference tournament before we get to watch all of these great Big Ten teams in play afterward.  So how is BTP going to cover these events?  Starting immediately after the regular season ends, we are going to have a massive amount of content coming to our readers.  Every postseason game is going to be previewed and recapped, every bid will be analyzed, brackets will be evaluated, and content will grow even more team specific as the postseason continues.  Essentially, expect more and more coverage for your team as they progress in March.

So how can you best enjoy this coverage?  First, I strongly recommend following BTP on Twitter and liking the site on Facebook.  We have a lot of fun things planned for the Twitter this postseason.  For instance, in reponse to SBNation's bald eagle Olympic posts, we are posting our own photo every time the Big Ten wins a postseason game.  So yes, don't miss out on this and FOLLOW US ON TWITTER:

Also, checking out the team sites is something worth doing.  SBNation puts out great coverage for every team in the Big Ten and if you're looking for some more team specific content, they will meet your demands.  After that, I also recommend becoming a "member" of the site.  If you simply go to the comments section below, you can check the box to become a member of BTP.  This not only updates you on the site's developments, but also allows you to take place in some of the site's gamethreads, which will be up for every postseason game.  We have some great members already, and have some interesting discussions often in the comments.  We're always looking for more!  I've included the area you want to click (ignore my terrible Paint skills):


Overall, there are a lot of things to expect from this year's postseason, but BTP is dedicated to bringing some great coverage to our readers.  This is a pretty unique site in that we cover the conference as a whole and it will be fun to watch the postseason progress with that perspective.