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Introducing Andrew Holmes - BTP's Newest Contributor

BTP has added a new contributor. Read about him here.

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Big Ten Powerhouse is pleased to announce the addition of a brand new staff member. In the site's desire to expand coverage, we have added Andrew Holmes to the staff. Andrew has deep roots to the Big Ten and particularly Purdue and should be a great addition to the staff. Read more about Andrew here:

Andrew Holmes is a Bloomington native, Purdue grad and former Boilermaker rugby player, with a degree in English. He is getting married in May, and just realized how soon that really is. He has had a passion for Big Ten athletics his whole life and roots for Ohio State occasionally, even though it causes him physical pain. He is excited to get the opportunity to write about the best basketball conference in the country.

You can follow Andrew on Twitter here: @ARHolmesBTP