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Indiana-Iowa Game Rescheduled For 2/27

The game that was postponed between Indiana and Iowa has been rescheduled.

Matthew Holst

After a beam fell in Assembly Hall early in the week, the game between Indiana and Iowa had to be postponed.  There were a lot of reports on the incident and you can read BTP's article on the event here.  However, we finally have news that the game has officially been reschedule.  It will take place on February 27th.

For Indiana, the game will be slotted between Wisconsin (away) and Ohio State (home).  That's actually a pretty tough draw considering the talent of these opponents.  They will get their own three game gauntlet while attempting to resurrect their season.

For Iowa, the game will be between games against Minnesota (road) and Purdue (home).  This is a much easier draw than Indiana, but still going to crunch that schedule up somewhat.  The Hawkeyes are still in the title hunt, so they need any break they can get right now.

The official news is linked below.  Also, if you want to read the game preview, it's linked here.