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Love & Basketball

“I score, you strip. You score, I drop something.”

This was Omar Epps' magnum opus.
This was Omar Epps' magnum opus.

That is the most important line in the most romantic basketball movie of all time, Love & Basketball (besides Eddie of course). It is also especially relevant now, with Valentine’s Day coming up on Friday. You say that to your valentine and you’re guaranteed to reenact an R. Kelly song later in the evening. Needless to say, the Valentine’s Day spirit has overwhelmed me and, like in elementary school, I think it is time to show every team in the B1G some love and give a player on each team a Valentine’s Day card from the fans.

To: Rayvonte Rice, G, Illinois

From: Illinois Fans

For the man that has to do it all on the most disappointing team in the conference.

To: Noah Vonleh, F, Indiana

From: Indiana Fans

For the man that would break everyone in Bloomington’s heart if he left early.

To: Aaron White, F, Iowa

From: Iowa Fans

For the man who has no soul, but is still able to dominate games for long periods of time.

To: Nik Stauskas, G, Michigan

From: Michigan Fans

For the man from the Great White North who chose basketball over hockey, and Michigan over any number of cooler schools.

To: Tom Izzo, head coach, Michigan State

From: Michigan State Fans

For the man who inspires everyone in East Lansing to look like this when the NCAA Tournament starts. Or maybe it’s the water there, I don’t know, I’m not an environmental scientist.

To: Trevor Mbakwe, F, Minnesota

From: Minnesota Fans

For the man who is alway...wait, is Mbakwe still playing for Minnesota? Yeah, probably.

To: Terran Petteway, F, Nebraska

From: Nebraska Fans

For the man who is just a wonderful distraction until spring practice starts.

To: Drew Crawford, G, Northwestern

From: Northwestern Fans

For the man who can probably understand this card.

To: Ohio State Fans

From: Aaron Craft, G, Ohio State

For the man who plays suffocating defense no matter the holiday and the Ohio State fans who probably don’t get the innuendo.

To: Tim Frazier, G, Penn State

From: Penn State Fans

For the man who has suffered through the last five years of Penn State basketball with aplomb.

To: AJ Hammons, C, Purdue

From: Purdue Fans

For the man who may not be prepared to fully commit to playing B1G basketball.

To: Trae Jackson, G, Wisconsin

From: Wisconsin Fans

For the man who needs to take a step back and enjoy the ride AND STOP TURNING THE DAMN BALL OVER NEEDLESSLY!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you...unless you’re Tom Crean.