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Big Ten Weekend Open Thread: Ohio State Buckeyes Battle North Carolina Tar Heels

Come chat about all the Big Ten action happening this weekend.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The vast majority of Big Ten teams will be in action this weekend and BTPowerhouse will be covering all the action from start to finish.  With some important matchups happening, this could be a key weekend that helps to define how the nation views the Big Ten going forward.

Here are the games happening this weekend:

  • Friday
    • 8:00PM ET - Seattle at Minnesota
  • Saturday
    • 12:00PM ET - SMU at Michigan
    • 1:00PM ET - Ohio State vs. North Carolina
    • 2:00PM ET - Illinois vs. Missouri
    • 2:00PM ET - Penn State vs. Drexel
    • 2:00PM ET - St. Francis at Rutgers
    • 2:30PM ET - Indiana vs. Butler
    • 3:00PM ET - Western Michigan at Northwestern
    • 5:00PM ET - Texas Southern at Michigan State
    • 5:0PM ET - Purdue vs. Notre Dame
    • 7:30PM ET - Iowa vs. Northern Iowa
  • Sunday
    • 2:00PM ET - Maryland at Oklahoma State
Come and let us know your predictions and thoughts for this weekend!