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8 Days to B1G Basketball: Looking Back at Last Year's Elite 8

Today we continue our daily countdown towards the tipoff of the Big Ten basketball season.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

In remembrance of last year's NCAA Tournament we're taking a trip down memory lane as the Big Ten had three of the eight teams in the Elite Eight round last season. Those teams weren't exactly a surprise, either, with Wisconsin, Michigan State and Michigan making it to the round. Interestingly enough, every Big Ten team that didn't lose their first game of the Tournament ultimately ended up in the Elite Eight.

Two of the three teams would end up getting eliminated before the Final Four, with both Michigan programs suffering defeats. Michigan State overcame an early 2-12 deficit and eventually took a 32-23 lead with less than 17 minutes remaining before eventually falling behind by double digits. The Spartans mounted a comeback, narrowing the deficit to two points with 57 seconds left before a 7-0 UCONN run iced the game.

The loss, which stung for a program with National Title hopes at the beginning of the season, was a bit less painful then what transpired for rival Michigan in their loss to the Kentucky Wildcats. After a Jordan Morgan layup tied things up with 31 seconds remaining this happened...

Interestingly enough said shot had to have been familiar for Michigan fans:

On a brighter note, Wisconsin managed to be the only Big Ten team to advance to the Final Four, edging out #1 seed Arizona in an overtime thriller. Thanks to an impressive 28 point and 11 rebound performance from junior Frank Kaminsky, Wisconsin was able to hold on to a slim win over the Wildcats. Following a Kaminsky bucket to increase the lead to three, Arizona narrowed the margin to one before this happened: