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POLL: Predict The Big Ten Record For The Nebraska Cornhuskers In 2014-2015

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Take a shot at predicting Nebraska's record this season.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Over the next few weeks, BTPowerhouse will be continuing to lay out its season preview for the Big Ten.  Everybody likes to see player and position breakdowns, but it's also fun to make some bold predictions and guesses about how teams will finish the season.  Today we're asking our readers to predict Nebraska's conference record.

However, before you make your prediction, check out some of BTPowerhouse's Nebraska coverage:

As a reminder, here is Nebraska's Big Ten schedule in 2014-15:

Home Only Away Only Both
Indiana Michigan Wisconsin
Rutgers Penn State Iowa
Michigan State Purdue Minnesota
Northwestern Ohio State Illinois
- - Maryland

So make your pick below.  We will be tallying the results and seeing who our readers believe will win the Big Ten.