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BTPowerhouse Is Looking For Writers

Come join the best Big Ten basketball site on the interwebs.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With the college basketball season on the horizon, we here at BTP are starting to get our coverage in place for the upcoming season.  The site has been growing like crazy and is moving in an exciting direction, but we still have more growing to do and once again, we are looking for qualified writers that can help produce content.

We are currently looking to add several writers to the staff.  Anyone is open to apply for the site regardless of age, experience, or background, but obviously, an individual with writing experience and a background in the Big Ten would be preferred.  Specifically, we are looking for someone that can contribute on a weekly basis over the course of the college basketball season.

The position is an entry level writing position with the site, which, unfortunately, means that we cannot offer any pay.  Still, despite that, there are some positives.  As mentioned, BTP has been trending upward over the last year and this is a very exciting time to join the site.  Last month, we had a single article receive over 100,000 page views.  My point here is that you have the potential to get your name out there, reach a lot of people, and write about something that a lot of people enjoy.  Essentially, you will get as much out of the experience as you put in.

The requirements for our entry level writing positions are 2 written posts per week.  The type, length, and timing of posts will vary with the college basketball season, but they will include team breakdowns, game previews, game recaps, and player profiles with everything in between and beyond.  We do allow writers to move around or focus on specific teams from the Big Ten, so you would not be relegated to covering any specific team.  We are also open to writer submitted topics as well.

I can't promise fame or fortune for joining the site, but I can promise the ability to reach a national audience and the ability to write about a topic that is a passion for many. Basically, we can offer you the potential to get your name out there. Even now, we already have writers on our staff from the national SBNation site, 247Sports, and team based SBNation sites.

If you are interested in applying. There is just one easy step. Email: We do ask for a writing sample (preferably Big Ten related), but anyone is encouraged to simply email to get more information.

And finally, we look forward to hearing from you all!