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16 Days to B1G Basketball: Ranking the B1G Basketball Team Posters

Today we rank the B1G basketball team posters.

Andy Lyons

With the season about two weeks away most of the schools have released their team photo / schedule posters. Today we take a look at the 12 released (apparently Ohio State's hasn't been released yet and I could only finally a graphic schedule for Minnesota) and rank them from worst to first.

12. Indiana

Long story short...ugh. Talk about unappealing. The color scheme is alright but all of the floating heads...just looks really corny in my opinion.

11. Rutgers

I really like the color scheme and the font is solid, but there's just something decidedly lackluster about the schedule aspect of the poster.

10. Purdue

Action shots. Solid. Grayscale with random bits of color, alright. Hypothetically these should be sweet but the end result is just so bland. In all honesty the ball should have been part of the grayscale, with only the gold standing out. Would have been much cleaner and more visually appealing.

9. Wisconsin

Nothing offensive but there's something that is always going to look horribly cheesy when you crop a bunch of action shots and drop them on a photoshopped background. I do like the bottom third with the schedule, though. Would rather see an entire poster of the bottom part without any of the players to be honest.

8. Illinois

The most innovative team poster by far but it's so hard to take group shots and not have them look forced or cheesy. Also, the mirrored effect for bueno.

7. Iowa

The color scheme is top notch but the schedule bit is kind of an afterthought. The action shots could likely do without the editing but the background on the corners looks great.

6. Penn State

This could have taken the top spot but the uniforms look weird as is. Besides that, everything about this is great. Clean, visually appealing... I like it.

5. Michigan

Michigan's poster is probably this high up because it doesn't really have any flaws. Posed action shots aren't going to blow my socks off but besides that everything is solid and more or less what's expected graphically from Michgian.

4. Michigan State

Something about the green and white just looks solid here.

3. Maryland

I don't really have a good picture of Maryland's poster and it's a relatively basic team photo, but...Maryland uniforms. And the Terps Black/Red/Yellow color scheme. If they had any sort of design this would have been an easy #1.

2. Northwestern

I was going to put this number one but then I realized the Collins shot doesn't really fit and the fact that they're still claiming to be Chicago's Big Ten Team is entirely laughable.

1. Nebraska

Great shot and fits the team perfectly. The lighting for the photo is perfect and the subtle inclusion of the N in the corner is top notch. The red on black schedule is a bit problematic but I'll allow based on everything else here.