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19 Days to B1G Basketball: Tom Izzo Is Still the Best, Dresses As a Kiss Member

Today we continue our daily countdown towards the tipoff of the Big Ten basketball season.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

This was just perfect.

Absolutely perfect.

If you remember from my earlier post in the countdown, I am a huge fan of Tom Izzo. Everything from his on the court coaching to how he handles himself to even his increasingly popular social antics.

We've had Tom Izzo get shot out of a cannon, we've had the videos of Izzo in the middle of the student seats at a Michigan State football game, we've had Izzo stop a game to send off Ed Hightower as the long time ref approached retirement and we even have this, which will never get old:

So when you're constantly creating waves on social media, what do you do for your teams Midnight Madness? Well, why not dress up as a member of Kiss and come out to a Kiss cover band?

As detailed on MLive on Friday, Izzo has been pretty creative for his Midnight Madness entrances each season. We've had motorcycle riding Tom Izzo (which went better than when Tubby Smith tried his hand at it). We've had the 300 inspired Tom Izzo, the hippie Tom IzzoAstronaut Tom Izzo and even the top notch Iron Man Tom Izzo:

So BTP...what's your favorite Tom Izzo Midnight Madness entrance so far? I'm torn between this years Kiss entrance and his cannon entrance the year before.