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Primer: Michigan State Midnight Madness

The Spartans kick off their 2014-15 season on Friday night.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan State will kick off its 2014-15 basketball season on Friday night with its annual Midnight Madness.  Each school uses these events in a different way, but the Spartans one has largely become iconic due to the actions of head coach Tom Izzo and the build-up to the season.

This year's Midnight Madness will be on Friday at 8:30PM ET.  Conveniently, this is the night before Michigan State faces off against arch-rival Michigan on the football field.  Can there be a better way to kick off the weekend in East Lansing than with the basketball team getting everyone fired up?

Michigan State's Midnight Madness will also be aired live on BTN Plus.

Unfortunately, MSU doesn't usually host a live scrimmage between the men's team, but they do usually host a fun scrimmage between the women's team and the men's scout team .  Of course, Tom Izzo's antics are always the most talked about part of the event.  In previous years, Gerald Butler of the movie 300 made a stop to campus and Izzo was "shot" out of a cannon (stunt double).

Regardless of its impact on the season, this should be a fun night for Spartan fans as they gear up for one of their biggest home football games of the season on Saturday.