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Highlights From Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio State Media Events

Several Big Ten schools met with the media today. Here are some of the highlights.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Several schools met with the media earlier today.  For many programs around the conference, these are the first real events of the season and start the progression toward the college basketball season.  Among the teams were Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, and Ohio State.  All four of these teams made the NCAA Tournament last season and Michigan is the defending Big Ten champs.

Arguably, the biggest news came out of Ann Arbor as John Beilein provided injury information regarding senior Max Bielfeldt and freshman DJ Wilson.  Outside of these comments, most of the coverage was pretty general for a media event, but hearing some thoughts on the ways the teams are progressing is always fun.  Here are the highlights:

Iowa Hawkeyes

Michigan Wolverines

Nebraska Cornhuskers

Ohio State Buckeyes


Stay tuned to BTPowerhouse for more media highlights.