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27 Days to B1G Basketball: It's Football Day

Today we continue our daily countdown towards the tipoff of the Big Ten basketball season.

Jonathan Ernst

Ah, we're less than four weeks away from the basketball season officially beginning but today is another football day in the Big Ten. So here's your weekly game information dump and prediction threat. There'll be plenty of action throughout the day with games at noon, 330 and 730. The afternoon games could definitely get ugly but at the least the first two games today should be pretty good. And for what it's worth, if Purdue can find a way to slow down David Cobb they will get the upset, though slowling Cobb done is going to be a considerable challenge for the Boilers...

Time Game Network Line Preview
12:00 Purdue at Minnesota BTN Minn -13.5 Minnesota Purdue
12:00 Iowa at Maryland ESPN2 MD -5 Iowa Maryland
3:30 Michigan State at Indiana ESPN MSU -15.5 Michigan StateIndiana
3:30 Rutgers at Ohio State ABC/ESPN2 OSU -22 Rutgers Ohio State
7:30 Nebraska at Northwestern BTN Neb -6.5 Nebraska Northwestern

And here are my predictions for today's action. I ended up going 5-0 on the slate of games last week, so that was nice. It was also my first time attending the Big House as I was one of the nearly 114,000 people packed in there to watch an offensively atrocious primetime showdown. It was fun times.

Game Prediction
Purdue at Minnesota Minnesota 27 Purdue 20
Iowa at Maryland Maryland 24 Iowa 20
Michigan State at Indiana Michigan State 45 Indiana 17
Rutgers at Ohio State Ohio State 38 Rutgers 20
Nebraska at Northwestern Nebraska 31 Northwestern 20

Enjoy the football. And of course, if you want some in-depth Big Ten conversation around the network, be sure to join the daily game threads over at Off Tackle Empire or any of the respective B1G SB Nation sites.