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Recruiting: Taking a Look at Two Iowa Offers

Today we take a look at Michael Nzei and Peyton Allen, two recruits that Iowa has sent offers to.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa has had a very nice last season and a half, so it’s imperative to get some new recruits who can build on what is going on in Iowa City. This recruiting class is only two deep as of now (Dominique Uhl and Brady Ellingson) and will surely need to be deeper than this by season’s end. Right now, Iowa has three seniors, so there should be at least one more spot to fill with this season’s recruiting class.

Michael Nzei SF 6’8/200

Nzei is a small forward with great length, but could afford to add on some pounds in his first few years of college. The Nigerian native participated in the Adidas Nations Tournament this past Summer and was described by Frank Burlison, a U.S. Basketball Writers Association Hall of Fame member, as the best rebounder at the event. He has been talked about as a small forward and a power forward, but right now his size would really limit him in the Big Ten if he was to become the latter. Nzei took a visit in late October, but has yet to make a decision on where he’ll be going to school.

Peyton Allen SF 6’5/190

Allen would be a great get for a team like the Hawkeyes. He is a decently polished offensive player and loves the mid range jumper. If he ends up in the Big Ten, he won’t be able to rely on fade away/step back jumpers, but his nice touch from outside is a good start for any shooter. His 6’5 190 pound frame is not as thin as it sounds as he fills out his uniform much better than I expected. He is listed as a small forward or shooting guard on most sites and honestly he reminds me of a Nik Stauskas with 3-5 feet less range.

The next three to four games will be really important to the Hawkeyes’ recruiting situation. They play on the road against Wisconsin and Ohio State while playing home games against Northwestern and Minnesota. A few big wins would almost assuredly go a long way in showing high school players how serious of a team Iowa is right now.2014