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Introducing Scott Manning - BTP's Newest Contributor

BTP has added a new contributor. Read about him here.


Big Ten Powerhouse is pleased to announce the addition of a brand new staff member. Over the past few months, we have been searching for a talented writer that could fill some interesting roles on our site. Scott originally wrote for his own site and has decided to come over and write on BTP. Here's a little more about Scott below:

Scott is a diehard Indiana Hoosier fan and attends almost all football and basketball games while also sprinkling in some soccer and baseball games in Bloomington. When not focused on the Hoosiers, Scott is likely on the golf course or working his day job as Manager of Global Accounting at a leading technology company in Indianapolis. Scott has lived in Indiana his whole life and has therefore focused on the B1G when it comes to college sports. He also believes there is nothing worse than the Kentucky Wildcats, and that includes Purdue. You can follow him on Twitter: @_HoosierFanatic.