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Introducing the Big Ten Powerhouse Mailbag

Each week myself and the Big Ten Powerhouse staff will answer your questions on the site - find out how to submit questions.


In hopes of establishing a greater rapport between our staff and our readership, we're very excited to introduce the Big Ten Powerhouse Mailbag, a weekly feature wherein myself and our other writers. Ask us anything related to Big Ten basketball - teams, rosters, injuries, recruiting, anything really - and we'll pick out a few questions each week to feature.

Submit questions by tweeting them to @BTPowerhouse (follow us!) with the #BTPMailbag hashtag. Or, you can submit questions for the next Mailbag in the comment section of the previous Mailbag. Just make it obvious. If there is anything you'd like to hear our take on from the opening games of conference play, or earlier, leave your question in the comments or shoot us a tweet.