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Introducing The Big Ten Powerhouse Staff

Over the past few months, BTP has a new and improved look. Now, let's introduce you to the staff that has helped in this transition.


As many of you may have noticed, Big Ten Powerhouse has taken many twists and turns over the preceding months. Last summer, the blog came under new management and added several new staff members. Ultimately, things did not work out and eventually myself (Thomas Beindit) and Bryan Steedman became co-managers of the site in early fall. Now that we feel confident with where things have settled, we wanted to officially introduce the staff before we enter conference season. With nothing further, here is your BTP staff:

Thomas Beindit (Manager) @tbeindit

My name is Thomas Beindit and I'm a co-manager on BTPowerhouse. I joined BTP this summer, but bring a lot of writing experience to the table appearing on several Michigan blogs and websites, but now spend most of my time combined between BTP and Wolverine247 on 247Sports. I graduated from the University of Michigan in 2013 and am currently attending law school in Detroit. My favorite memories from last year was taking a roadtrip down to Atlanta for the Final Four to see Michigan make the National Championship game. I've loved writing about Michigan basketball and I'm excited to cover the Big Ten more generally.

Bryan Steedman (Manager) @crazytoledo

As Thomas mentioned above, my name is Bryan and I'm one of the co-managers of BT Powerhouse. I was born and raised in Toledo, a city that is more or less split 50/50 between Michigan and Ohio State fans. Somehow I ended up a Purdue fan, mainly due to my love of passing the ball and the fact that I first got into collegiate football when Purdue's "basketball on turf" wasn't the norm. I just recently graduated from the University of Toledo and still live in the area. The high school I graduated from produced Big Ten products Ryne Smith and Nigel Hayes and I learned how to shoot the rock thanks to Ryne's dad way back when at his basketball camps. I run over 57 miles every week, listen to heavy music and love Chinese food more than anyone you know.

Tim Beck (Author)

I work full time in Lansing Michigan in Office Management. I am also into music and am working on my album. I am married and have two kids. I am a diehard fan of all things Michigan as well as all of the Detroit sports.

Eric Bieganski (Author) @BTPEric

Born and raised in Milwaukee, I am a Wisconsin alumnus and enjoy all things Big Ten and Badger-related. When I was five I met the Olsen twins and was refused autographs, and I have irrationally resented them ever since. Hobbies include teaching myself musical instruments and quitting shortly after the first day, sand volleyball (Top Gun, anyone?), and sporadically partaking in the regional comedy scenes. I currently reside in Milwaukee with a longing eye toward Chicago.

Andy Creal (Author)

My name is Andy Creal, I was born and raised up in Ann Arbor, Michigan where I grew up an avid sports fan playing football and baseball for my high school. I now currently attend Michigan State University in East Lansing studying Pre-Law and International Relations but have always taken an acute interest in sports journalism. I've always had a passion for sports and since I've grown up in a great college town and have since continued my education in another great one, I've been exposed to a wide variety of excellence among Big Ten programs. My biggest goal is to connect with my readers and ensure I present an accurate depiction of facts from an objective stance while continuing to interest people. I appreciate all the support from fans of the best conference in the country!

Kevin Dlugos (Author) @_dlugos

Hey everybody. I'm Kevin, and I'm a sophomore at UW-Madison. But I didn't grow up in the heart of the B1G country. I'm originally from the Philadelphia area, but my love for plodding offense and strong defense brought me out to the Midwest. There's little I love more than Arrested Development, hip-hop, and a nice off-ball screen. I'm looking forward to this season, and can't wait to see what the B1G has in store for us all.

Jason Dorow (Author) @jasondorow

Jason Dorow is a freshman studying journalism at Northwestern University. He is orginally from Burnsville, Minnesota, and is a big fan of his hometown teams. He's also a hip-hop/rap enthusiast, and his favorite artists are Kanye West and Drake. Jason strives to become a sports journalist covering basketball, football, and other athletics.

Drew Hamm (Author) @drewhamm5

My name is Drew and I'll be writing about B1G hoops here now. My credentials include 1+ year of junior varsity basketball in high school, hours upon hours of watching basketball every week, and the ability to shoehorn a Joe and Jon Crispin reference into a post not about Penn State. I'm originally from the Philadelphia suburbs and I attended the University of Wisconsin for more years than recommended. I'm here to tell you that this is the year Northwestern makes the tourney (please repost this yearly until true). I can't wait to talk college hoops with you.

Jeremy Haynes (Author)

My name is Jeremy Michael Haynes and I'm a proud Indiana alumnus. Since I was a kid, I've followed the Indiana Hoosiers on the hardwood and the gridiron. As my interest in college sports grew, it was only natural for me to follow other Big Ten clubs, especially when they succeeded where Indiana had failed. Year after year, I find myself rooting for the Big Ten during bowl season, though Indiana hasn't been a participant in what feels like a decade. College basketball, however, has always been my first love. I can't get enough of it. I read recruiting articles in the summer and spend all winter watching Summit league and Patriot league games online. I spend hours driving to see Indiana play on the road whenever possible. I'm really excited to have a chance to write about something I have such a deep interest in, and I hope someone out there enjoys my work.

Chris Kay (Author) @itsgonnabeohkay

I'm a Big Ten fan living in SEC country, but I don't let it rattle me too much. My entire family is from Michigan (my Big Ten connection), so I've grown up watching Michigan and Michigan State sports. I played baseball at Virginia Tech and then professionally in Traverse City, Michigan for two seasons. Nowadays, I spend my time playing daily fantasy sports and writing for my fantasy sports website.

Chad Markulics (Author) @Chad_BSD

*I knock on your door* "Hi there neighbor, have you heard the Good News of Talor Battle, our LORD and sa--" *you shut the door in my face* "HE WAS THE FIRST PLAYER IN BIG TEN HISTORY TO RECORD 2,000 POINTS, 500 REBOUNDS AND 500 ASSISTS DOES THAT MEAN NOTHING TO YOU??"*You threaten to call the cops*"That's not very Battle-y of you, my fr--okay okay, I'm leaving"

Mark Mowery (Author)

My name is Mark Mowery. I graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2010 and have since been working in my home city of St. Louis, Missouri. Big Ten basketball season is my favorite time of the sporting calendar. I have been to two Big Ten tournaments in 2009 and 2010 as a fan and hope to make it back one of these years. My veins bleed maroon and gold and I'm hoping that Richard Pitino can created sustained success for a program that has been starving for prolonged quality. There's no doubt in my mind the best venue in the Big Ten is the Barn and that Goldy is the best mascot.

Michael Smith (Author) @tyke_mike

I'm a junior at the University of Wisconsin--Madison studying Political Science and Journalism. Originally from Orono, Minnesota I was raised as a Badger and am lucky enough to be attending my dream university. I was a high school hockey player, but college basketball has always been my favorite sport to watch, and I have developed a true passion in analyzing and discussing the college basketball scene. I am an avid member of the Wisconsin student section for any sport, and I have already been spoiled with fantastic experiences in Madison, the best one (so far) undoubtedly being last year's Michigan game, with Brust's heroics and the ensuing court storm.

Joshua Stern (Author) @jmstern23

Josh Stern is a sophomore at the University of Michigan. He is an avid college basketball fan, enjoying Michigan's dream run to the Final Four as a freshman. He has high hopes for his Wolverines, even a little biased in his posts sometimes, but thinks another great season is due. Originally from New York, Josh is already a converted Michigander and a diehard Wolverine fan all around.

Aaron Yorke (Author) @apy5000

I'm a Penn State alum who lives in New Jersey, so I don't even know why Big Ten basketball appeals to me so much. It probably has something to do with going to a PSU game versus Lehigh my freshman year and being amazed at how close to the action I could get for five dollars. I mean, even if Penn State didn't have anyone good, there were going to be some pretty amazing players and teams coming in for conference play, and watching the Bryce Jordan Center fill up for the Illinois game (Dee Brown and Deron Williams) that year was fun. Then Jamelle Cornely and Talor Battle came and Penn State became a fun team to watch on its own. I became hooked and now I'm a B1G basketball fan living in what will soon be B1G country.