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Looking Ahead: Northwestern Recruiting Targets For 2015

Coach Chris Collins and Northwestern will look to continue their recruiting trail successes going into 2015.

Andy Lyons

I learned a new word recently that I think is applicable to the college basketball recruiting process: ouroboros. An ouroboros is an ancient symbol portraying a dragon eating it's own tail and according to the Google machine, symbolizes cyclicality and "the eternal return." Now, I'm only human, so anything relating to dragons is going to pique my interest immediately, and so I read more about ouroboros and the links to college recruiting are inescapable. There are phrases like "and other things...which operate in cycles that begin anew as soon as they end," and "[it is] depicting the undifferentiated infancy experience of both mankind and the individual child." Ok, maybe the second quote relates more to a bad parenting book than it does basketball recruiting, NEVERTHELESS, all this got me thinking about recruiting and so I started to look ahead to potential signees for Northwestern's 2015 class. Here's an overview of two of the targets.

A.J. Turner

Turner, out of Warren, MI, was originally a member of the 2014 class, but he transferred to New Hampton School in New Hampshire and is repeating his junior year. The extra year is already helping the four star recruit, as he's currently ranked as the 52nd best prospect overall for 2015 by ESPN and the 17th best small forward in the country by The slick shooting SG/SF (he's still growing) is working on improving his defense and rebounding at New Hampton, to become a more well-rounded player. Turner was supposed to take a visit to Northwestern but didn't end up going, so this may be more of a long shot for the Cats.

Evan Boudreaux

Northwestern has been recruiting Boudreaux before Chris Collins became the coach, so there was some worry that with a regime change the 6'7" power forward from Lake Forest, IL may leave the Wildcats behind in his search for a college team. That does not appear to be the case however, as Boudreaux admits to having a Northwestern offer still (along with offers from DePaul, Iowa, Iowa State, Boston College, and St. Louis) and is intrigued by the new Cats coach. Chicago recruitniks praise the junior for his toughness and knowledge of the game, while posing concerns about how his height will play at the next level. Despite these concerns, Boudreaux's 24 ppg and 14.3 rpg are drawing the interest of more coaches every day. Northwestern being interested early should help, but it may be difficult for them to compete with potential offers from Michigan State or Michigan.

As the recruiting season continues we'll be keeping track of offers, commitments, and hopefully more hilarious trolling of Illinois by top players, right here on BT Powerhouse.