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Wednesday Powerlinks: Ohio State's Fancy New Recruiting Tool

Today's Powerlinks is feeling confused by some of the latest decisions by Ohio State, Michigan State and, naturally, the NCAA.

Harry How

By now you've likely noticed our interesting series of why your favorite Big Ten team will be better in 2013, but for now lets take a break with another addition of Powerlinks.

Ohio State gives a locker to Lebron James

This move is both baffling and intelligent at the same time. On one hand, Ohio State's connection to James makes sense as he was an Ohio native and Ohio State is one of three schools that wears his Nike branded gear. Also, if James had attended college he would have likely gone to Columbus for college ball and the move could be a nice recruiting tool. The baffling aspect of it, though, is that Ohio State is attempting to use a basketball star that skipped college entirely as a recruiting tool to get kids to commit to their school. That and regardless of how much Lebron may like Ohio State, he has never attended the university. With recruiting becoming a bigger challenge for many schools, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to gain an advantage though, so I can't really fault the Buckeyes for trying.

NCAA denies Buckles' appeal for a waiver

As detailed here last week, the NCAA denied Rakeem Buckles a waiver to play immediately at Minnesota this season. The original decision by the NCAA is baffling since the organization typically has granted waivers to players who are transferring for their final season of eligibility if their original school is under a postseason ban. The NCAA granted a waiver to former FIU teammate Malik Smith who also transferred to Minnesota, but refused to do so for Buckles. Buckles ended up filing an appeal in hopes of being granted a waiver, but the NCAA has decided to deny his appeal, meaning Buckles will have to finish his last year of eligibility at FIU. This might be a bit tricky, though, as his scholarship was filled already and he would have to walk-on if he wants to play basketball for his last year of eligibility...

"We On" is now available

As detailed in earlier Powerlinks posts, former Michigan player Josh Bartelstein wrote an e-book detailing the Wolverines return to the Final Four. Well that book is now officially for sale and can be picked up here. The book also includes excepts from Trey Burke, Tim Hardaway Jr., and Stu Douglass, as well as a forward by Zack Novak.

Blue Ribbon releases their 2013-14 All-Americans

Preseason polls are started to be released and debated and now most publications will start unveiling their picks for All-Americans heading into the season. Blue Ribbon recently released their first team All-Americans, featuring one Big Ten player. That honor goes to Michigan State's Adreian Payne. If you recall from earlier, Lindy's has the Spartans as their pre-season #1 team and there's quite a bit of hype heading into the 2013 season in East Lansing.

Speaking of Sparty basketball, apparently they decided the best way to hype up the upcoming return of basketball would be this lovely promo video:

I'm sure the football teams opener versus Western Michigan was more than enough to get students excited for the return of basketball though...

Trevon Bluiett to UCLA

Four star guard Trevon Bluiett has decided to commit to UCLA over the likes of Michigan, Indiana and Purdue. The news is a bit troubling for both Indiana based schools as the Hoosiers continue to struggle filling their 2014 class and the Boilermakers watched another major target head elsewhere.

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