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Friday Powerlinks: Indiana Recruiting Heats Up

Indiana hopes to score with four star guard Robert Johnson, who will be announcing his decision this afternoon.

Joe Robbins

Usually when your team wins most of their games and is considered to be one of the nation's best teams, recruiting comes easy. That hasn't been the case so far for the Hoosiers as their 2014 class remains vacant as the season rapidly approaches. The Hoosiers will be hoping to change that later today if they can land Robert Johnson, though they'll face stiff competition from Virginia, North Carolina and Florida State.

Robert Johnson will announce his decision Friday afternoon

Robert Johnson, a four star guard out of Virginia, will announce which team he'll be playing for in 2014 this afternoon. Johnson has narrowed down his list to Indiana, Virginia, Florida State and North Carolina. Johnson is rated as the 42nd best player from the 2014 class per Rivals and is a major target for the Hoosiers. Johnson's impending decision became a bit more important as well thanks to Isaiah Whitehead's decision to play at Seton Hall. Whitehead was another four star guard being recruited by the Hoosiers but decided to stay closer to home with Seton Hall. Location could also be a major factor in Johnson's decision, as there is some speculation he'll stay home and end up at Virginia.

The Hoosiers currently have no commits for 2014 and have struggled to fill their 2014 class. If Indiana misses out on Johnson it won't be the end of the world, but it won't please fans if Indiana strikes out on two more four star targets.

Michigan students only used 46% of the student tickets sold

Well this is interesting. It was recently reported that Michigan students only used 46% of the student tickets that were sold throughout the 2012-13 season. The number is relatively low compared to the Big Ten average of 67%. While Michigan's program wasn't exactly relevant in the recent past, last season they were a national power throughout the entire season and finished as the national runner-up.

Interestingly enough Michigan had some issues with their student tickets for their football program as well, though that was more of an issue of showing up on time. In order to counter the high number of tickets unused, Michigan has announced a new ticket system for students. SB Nation's Maize n' Brew takes an in-depth look at the system and offers their thoughts on the new ticket policy. One of the more interesting aspects of the new setup is that Michigan will be selling 4500 student tickets even though they only have 3000 student seats available, a potential dilemma if the students purchasing tickets actually show up to games this season.

Illini Street Jam

In order to mix it up Illinois is doing something a little different for their Midnight Madness. Instead of holding the event in their arena, Illinois will be hosting the event outdoors on the street in Campustown. For the event they will be bringing in a flex court, lights and a set of bleachers to place out on the street. The events will include player introductions, interactions with fans and a variety of competitions. A number of schools have been trying to mix it up and bring something new to the table with these events, but it looks like Illinois is doing something legitimately cool with their Street Jam later this month.

Purdue practice set to begin the 28th

The Boilermakers will being practicing on the 28th this month at Cardinal Court in Mackey Arena. As the season approaches, Hammer and Rails kicked off their player countdown with their Travis Carroll preview. Also, Inside the Hall recently detailed the Boilermakers in their Purdue team preview.

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