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Wednesday Powerlinks: Aaron Craft Is Officially Off the Market

Aaron Craft gets engaged while Purdue's recruiting woes continue.

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On Today's Powerlinks I learned that apparently there is a large base of people that have a major crush on Ohio State's Aaron Craft. Also, Purdue's recruiting woes continue while John Groce continues to amaze with his ability to recruit.

Sorry ladies, but Aaron Craft is off the market

Aaron Craft is many different things to fans of the Big Ten, but one of the things that has never crossed my mind is "ladies man." Apparently the Internet says otherwise as numerous people took to Twitter to express their disappointment over the news of Crafts recent engagement.

Purdue strikes out again on two targets

The Boilermakers thin 2014 class took another hit as two targets have decided to commit elsewhere. First was three star point guard Bryant McIntosh, who committed to Northwestern over Purdue, Iowa and Memphis. Then JP Macura, a four star guard out of Minnesota, ended up committing to Xavier. Macura had listed Purdue as one of his five finalists and had recently visited the school but decided to take his talents to Ohio instead. McIntosh and Macura seem to be two more names on a laundry list of targets that have gone elsewhere instead of Purdue. Now the Boilermakers inability to land some commits leaves Dakota Mathias as their lone 2014 commit for now. Purdue still has several targets left on the board, including Vince Edwards, but it has been a bit disheartening to see so many recruits head elsewhere. Hopefully Purdue can duck this trend going forward.

McIntosh predicts NCAA appearance by his sophomore season

McIntosh is seemingly all in on his committment to Northwestern and has already made the claim that he sees the Wildcats making the NCAA Tournament by his sophomore season. This is a pretty bold move when you realize Northwestern has never made it to the tournament:

"I think we have a good chance to make the NCAA Tournament by my sophomore year...Having coach Collins, if I was a betting man, I would bet on us."

UM Hoops / Inside the Hall's Top 25: #1-5

UM Hoops and Inside the Hall's top 25 series finally concludes with their top five players in the Big Ten. The list, which includes players exclusively from the states of Ohio and Michigan, includes all of the big names:

It was a bit surprising to see Harris at the #1 spot, but in retrospect not a complete shocker (I personally thought Payne would top the list). I think the list backs up the idea that the state of Michigan is going to be pretty dominant this year in the Big Ten.

Quentin Snider leaning towards Illinois

Per a source, the Champaign Room is reporting that it looks like Snider has decided to commit to Illinois. Nothing official, but the four star guard would be another big get for the Illini.

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