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BTP Wants You!

Have you ever wanted to cover Big Ten hoops? This may be your chance.

Andy Lyons

To whom this may concern,

If you've been keeping up, I have recently taken over as managing editor for BT Powerhouse. In a perfect world, we would already have millions of readers, but that's not the case...yet. I feel like my perspective isn't all you as readers want. I'm looking for new opinions. Therefore, we are now accepting applicants interested in writing for BTP.

With this position, we do not want just anybody. We want to be a quality site. With that being said, we want quality writers to become a part of our team.

So now you want to know how you can join? I'm here to oblige.

To apply for a writing position for BT Powerhouse, you can email me at: In that email, all you have to do is express interest in a possible writing position. I will then give you a set topic to write about. After that, I will give you another topic. If both articles are up to par with our standards, you could be added to the BTP staff.

We want to bring you the best coverage possible, so that's why I've decided to expand this thing. We want to bring a new perspective to our readers. That's my goal, and we are set on reaching that.