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Wisconsin Basketball Players Offer Support For Young Fan

Wisconsin might just be pretty awesome after all. Here's why.

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There may be several jabs thrown about the Wisconsin Badgers, but I think we can come to the mutual agreement that this is awesome.

Badgers offer support for young fan of men's hoops team [JS Online]

What a remarkable story about the good deed some players of the Wisconsin men's basketball team became apart of. Zavier Sims is a 14-year-old boy that is fighting a bacterial infection that spread to his brain. He's apparently a huge fan that attended the University of Wisconsin summer camp several years ago and is a member of the Wisconsin Blizzard AAU 14U team.

"He is an avid fan and a big supporter."

On top of that, Zavier has undergone "seven surgeries in the last 10 days," according to former UW forward Ryan Evans.

Wisconsin players Josh Gasser, Frank Kaminsky, Duje Dukan and Evan Anderson all went to visit with him.

Here's what Gasser tweeted out yesterday.

This is one of the moments where we need to applaud Wisconsin basketball. You may not like Bo Ryan, their slow pace of play, etc; but you have to like this.

What a great deed courtesy of UW hoops. Best wishes to Zavier.

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