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BT Powerhouse: An Introduction

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BT Powerhouse introduces a new era in Big Ten basketball coverage.


What's up, guys and gals?

You're probably questioning my credibility or wondering who I am. My name is Evan Williams. I got my start at There I published over one hundred articles on general college basketball and the NCAA Tournament. Don't let that broadness of coverage fool you; I am a HUGE fan of Big Ten basketball.

Take a look at the name of this blog, "BT Powerhouse".

Last season, the Big Ten finally actually became a powerhouse. From top to bottom, it was hard to find any weakness. The Ohio State Buckeyes were powered by Deshaun Thomas, Aaron Craft, and Lenzelle Smith Jr. They went on to take home the league's conference tournament crown. Then you have Indiana, led by the likes of Cody Zeller, Christian Watford, and the sharpshooting Jordan Hulls. And of course, how can anyone forget the Michigan Wolverines? A season of craziness culminated in UM making the sport's championship game after one of the best single seasons in the conference's history.

I am the new manager of BT Powerhouse. We plan on giving you comprehensive and quality content on every team in the Big Ten. Our aim is to be your top news source for Big Ten basketball.

And we're just getting started. Stay tuned.

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