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Last one out turn the lights off

That's it for the 2012-2013 edition of the Big Ten.


It can only end one of two ways.

For the fifth time since 2000 (Indiana in 2002, Illinois in 2005, Ohio State in 2007, Michigan State in 2009, and now the Wolverines), Big Ten basketball ended the same way it always does...only later. In spite of a herculean effort and a run that will live on in both Michigan and conference lore indefinitely, Louisville was the best team the final third of the season – and on through the conclusion of the most enthralling postseason in all of sport – and their works spoke for themselves.

Even still, you'll be hard pressed to forget Spike Albrecht's blake swan event in the game's first half. Trey Burke's improbable, likely ill advised near 30 footer to save the season. LaQuinton Ross' shot against Arizona. Victor Oladipo's dagger against Temple. Aaron Craft's against Iowa State. To say nothing of maybe the best regular season (or at the very least, arguably the highest caliber) in the history of the league.

For those leaving, thanks for the memories. For those yet to step foot on campus, you're on deck.

As they always do, the lights go off on the season that was. But in six short months they'll come back on once again.