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Reports - Indiana To Name Assembly Hall

One of the most iconic college basketball venues in the nation could soon be receiving a name.

Andy Lyons

Earlier today, there were reports that Indiana would be making a major announcement regarding its athletic facilities.  Inside the Hall reported that it would be announced at 2:30pm.  Word was unclear, but a tweet sent out by Dan Dakich (former Hoosier coach and now ESPN employee) seemed to imply that the change would involve Assembly Hall.  Here is the tweet linked below:

This is obviously huge.  It will not influence the way the team plays or bring any championships in, but Assembly Hall has become an iconic place for not only Indiana basketball, but also for Big Ten hoops and college basketball.  Indiana is considered one of the toughest places to play and changing the name is certainly noteworthy.

Another important thing to note is that this could potentially end any concern about eventually adding a corporate sponsor to the title.  So yes Indiana fans, odds are that you no longer have to worry about having to watch Indiana play in the "Yum Yum Center" or whatever ridiculous name a company decides upon using for Assembly Hall.

As news continues to break, we will update here.

UPDATE: Assembly Hall to be renamed Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall after $40 million donation to the university.

UPDATE 2: Seating capacity should not decrease in Assembly Hall according to Indiana's Athletic Director.  Also, here are some cool picture of what Assembly Hall could look like per Inside the Hall.