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BTP Wants You!

Come join the best Big Ten basketball site on the interwebs.


As many of you may or may not know, Big Ten Powerhouse changed management just before the college basketball season began.  As a result, myself and Bryan Steedman have become co-managers of the site.  We've been working hard to make sure the site is growing and brings good content to our readers.

However, one specific area that we have been working with has been the site's staff.  We are more than satisfied with the guys we have right now, but covering an entire conference is a demanding task.  Most blogs are able to fulfill their quota simply based on one team.  We have the unique challenge (and privilege) of covering 12 teams.  As one can guess, it means we need a lot of manpower and content.  This is where you come in.

We are currently looking to add several writers to the staff.  Anyone is open to apply.  This means anyone.  Whether you have writing experience or not, whether you are 10 or 70, and whether you have Big Ten roots or not, feel free to apply for a position.  We are simply looking for people who have some basic writing skills, are passionate, and are willing to put in the necessary time and work.

Writers are the site are open to cover any Big Ten related topics they like including any team.  Of course, certain topics are off limits simply because we can't have numerous people posting the same thing, but otherwise, any relevant topic is fair game, so do not be pushed away because there may be a writer or two that is a fan of a certain team.  However, one thing worth noting is that we are shooting for writers to put in at least one post per week.

I can't promise fame or fortune for joining the site, but I can promise the ability to reach a national audience and the ability to write about a topic that is a passion for many.  Basically, we can offer you the potential to get your name out  there.  Even now, we already have writers on our staff from the national SBNation site, 247Sports, and team based SBNation sites.

If you are interested in applying.  There is just one easy step.  Email:  We do ask for a writing sample (preferably Big Ten related), but anyone is encouraged to simply email to get some more information.

And finally, we look forward to hearing from you all!