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Indiana 100 Chicago State 72 Game Recap

The Hoosiers hit the century mark in their season opener.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

There's been a lot of talk about officiating and the recent rule changes. The consensus is some people aren't sold on the fact that the rule changes heavily favor the offense and the possibility of free throw attempts sky rocketing. Well it took one day before we saw a prime example of how the officiating change may effect the game.

Simply put, how entertaining is it when you watch a team score 45 of their points on free throws? Because that happened tonight, with Indiana setting a school record for made free throws. They actually shot over 50 attempts on the night in a game heavy on fouls, with over 50 fouls between the two schools.

Indiana's free throw shooting was the definite highlight, easily making up for an unnecessarily high amount of turnovers. The Hoosiers also won on the glass decisively in their first game without Cody Zeller down low. In his debut, Noah Vonleh added 11 points and 14 rebounds for a double-double.

Chicago State was led by junior Clark Rosenberg, who scored 22 of Chicago State's 69 points. Eddie Denard was the only other Cougar to post double digits, adding 10 points.

The Hoosiers will face LIU-Brooklyn next Tuesday.