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Ray Gallegos, Last of the Gunners

In the midst of the statistical revolution in college basketball, a Nebraska senior stands alone in his conference.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

18 points, zero rebounds, zero assists. That's the kind of stat line you rarely see this side of Grinell College anymore in college basketball, a game that has become statistically driven and now places an emphasis on efficiency and usage. There's no longer a need for one-dimensional scorers, it seems - the formula for success has evolved. Everyone needs to have a second skill, a second way in which to help their team when the first skill isn't working.

Ray Gallegos doesn't appear to have that second skill. And that's okay. At least, it's okay if his shot is falling, as it was in his season-debut with the Huskers against South Carolina State on Sunday. After he sat out the first two games played in Nebrasketball's brand new, 15,000 seat Pinnacle Bank Arena, Gallegos marked his return with 18 points on 6-10 shooting from beyond the arc, zero rebounds and zero assists. A gunner's stat line if there ever was one, and certainly not a line you would easily find from anybody else in the B1G.

Don't get me wrong here - Gallegos has the talent to be the impact senior Tim Miles needs on this team in order to compete for a postseason berth. He just has to be more efficient, because if he shoots like he did a year ago, the pine could be calling. As a primary option on the 2012-13 Huskers, Gallegos averaged 12.5 ppg on 36% shooting from the field, 31% from beyond the arc. It gets worse: his 46% eFG% was 943rd in the country, which means every team in Division I had an average of 2.7 players with a better eFG% than Gallegos. His minutes weren't reduced last season because frankly Nebraska didn't have anybody to replace him.

This year is different. The Huskers have a number of options to turn to if Gallegos isn't performing. Tai Webster, the talented freshman from New Zealand, has a knack for getting into the lane and drawing contact (135.0 free throw rate). Terran Petteway has proven to be a reliable scorer and rebounder as a 6'6" wing, and even 6'10" forward Walter Pitchford can provide some three-point shooting. Hopefully for the Huskers these new additions and his two-game suspension will light a fire under Gallegos and turn him into the Jamal Crawford-type of player he has the potential to be in the B1G.