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B1G In The Polls Week 2: Wisconsin On The Rise

The media and coaches polls are out in Week 2 of the season. How did the Big Ten fare?

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Jonathan Daniel

The new polls have been released this week and the Big Ten has remained strong in the rankings.  Though there were not too many significant changes seeing as games have not even been going on for a full week, but it is interesting to view the rankings now that the pollsters have a little data from games to use.  Let's take a look at the rankings:

AP Poll:

  • #2 - Michigan State
  • #7 - Michigan
  • #10 - Ohio State
  • #20 - Wisconsin

USA Today Coaches' Poll:

  • #2 - Michigan State
  • #8 - Michigan
  • #9 - Ohio State
  • #19 - Wisconsin
  • #23 - Indiana
  • Receiving Votes: Iowa (48), Illinois (4)
There still has not been much movement.  The only big change here was Wisconsin who received a bit of a boost after beating St. John's last weekend.  Iowa also remains strong in the receiving votes category despite a mixed weekend of results.  They still have a good shot at moving into the rankings if they can secure a few more wins.  Finally, MSU remains at #2 setting up the showdown with Kentucky on Tuesday between #1 and #2.  If there has been a bigger November showdown in college basketball, I certainly cannot remember it, especially not in the recent past.  The hype will only continue building until Tuesday.

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