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Monday Powerlinks: McGary Making Progress

John Beilein is optimistic that he'll have center Mitch McGary for the entire 2013-14 season.

Gregory Shamus

Today's Powerlinks is relatively brief and straight to the point because our season preview will kick off shortly in a couple hours. So if you're reading this in the morning you should be sure to come back around noon to read our first season preview post. That being said, the biggest news to hit has been the news that coach John Beilein believes he'll have his star sophomore for the entire season.

Mitch McGary Set for Full Recovery

Mitch McGary, Michigan's star center, has been dealing with some injury issues that have limited him in practice and have led to the possibility McGary won't be ready to go for the season opener in November. There's even been some speculation that McGary's health concerns could linger into the season, though coach John Beilein is under the belief McGary should be able to play throughout the entire season just fine:

We are very optimistic about him having a complete season - I mean of him being able to play and do everything...We're just being very cautious right now to make sure that he can have a complete season. We're being very patient, probably way over cautious, but this is the time to do that.

SB Nation wraps up their top 100 player rankings

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SB Nation wrapped up their top 100 player rankings and eight different Big Ten players made the top 40:

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