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Monday Powerlinks: Wisconsin Media Day

Wisconsin holds their basketball media day and Iowa adds their second commit for 2014

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Jonathan Daniel

Today's Powerlinks takes a look at Wisconsin's Media Day and Iowa's latest recruit Dominique Uhl. Also, our team previews are just around the corner so our staff will now be working on getting them put together. It's almost game time and Big Ten basketball is about to get rolling. It's been a long six plus months since the end of the season.

Wisconsin Holds Media Day for Basketball Program

The Badgers held their annual basketball media day this past Friday as the Badgers prepare for the 2013-14 season. This year will feature a relatively young Wisconsin team, as the Badgers brings in six freshman, and will most likely lead to a relatively different looking Badger team compared to Ryan's previous teams. One of the biggest changes is that the Badgers may play considerably more up tempo...which would be a pretty big departure from the slow drag of previous Wisconsin teams.

The Badgers team will also hope that Josh Gasser makes a full recovery from his ACL tear. The Badgers will most likely be led by Gasser, Sam Dekker and Traevon Jackson as they attempt to make a 16th straight NCAA Tournament appearance.

For a complete transcript of Bo Ryan's press conference you can click here. There were several entertaining gems throughout Ryan's presser:

(about Josh Gasser)
"Somebody told me it was in the paper that he was 100 percent. So how do I know? They don't let coaches determine anything anymore, other than who starts and who plays...I was talking to him on the drive home. He said, Tell those guys you never missed a practice or a game in seven years. Would you just tell those guys to toughen up? I said, ‘Coach, this was an ACL. This was -- I said, Coach, we couldn't even spell ACL when we were in high school"

"Sure, there's a little -- every once in a while, you'll see him reach down and grab his knee -- not grab his knee like it's in pain, but just kind of readjust his brace or just keep reminding himself that, ‘I'm okay, I'm all right, I can do this.' He hasn't done any 360 tomahawks yet, though. He's not there yet."

(about Sam Dekker's weight)
"He's gained 30 pounds?...Was that soaking wet? Looks like he could use another 30, doesn't it?"

"Marcus landry was legally blind in his one eye, at least for a while. I don't know if it came from a hit to the head -- where's the trainers when I need them? Do you remember Marcus had the problem where he had to wear the goggles because his one eye -- he really only had one good eye."

(about losing)
"Boy, I thought I hated to lose. My kids can all tell you the stories of how I never let them win. My own children. I hate to lose. And Jordan Taylor Hill might hate to lose more than I do, and that's scary, at that age. I've mellowed as I've aged. I'm not anywhere near as competitive. But he's -- will that matter? He still looks young. Now he's grown a little (facial hair) -- either that or he's coloring it in. I don't know."

Also, I think this is the most excited I've ever seen Bo Ryan look before:

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Dominique Uhl commits to Iowa

Three star power forward Dominique Uhl has committed to the Hawkeyes. Uhl is a 6'8 power forward out of New Jersey and held offers from Boston College, Maryland, Miami, Minnesota, Northwestern, Temple and several other schools. Uhl is the second 2014 commit for the Hawkeyes, joining three star shooting guard Brady Ellingson.

Uhl is originally from Germany before relocating to New Jersey and is a bit undersized at only 180 pounds. Uhl has considerable ups, has shown the ability to get to the bucket and brings a pretty good jumper to the table. Uhl's size implies he could float between the three and four spot if he maintains his current frame. Of course if he works on adding some weight he could transition into a more traditional four, though it appears Iowa sees him more as a three with the possibility of playing the four spot versus smaller opponents.

A video with Uhl announcing his commitment (and some Uhl highlights) can be seen below:

Oh and today's Powerlinks wouldn't be complete without this preseason NBA gem from Michigan alum Tim Hardaway Jr...

Partyyy tiiimmeeeee!

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