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EA Sports NCAA Football '13: Nebraska's Dave Rimington deserved a Heisman

Dave Rimington is considered one of college football's greatest centers, if not THE greatest center of all time. He was by far the most deserving Heisman candidate of 1982, but sadly was robbed and finished fifth in the Heisman standings. He was a two time consensus first team All-American and won the Outland Award and Lombardi Award in 1982. He did go on to have a pretty successful career, with his jersey retired and an award, given to the best college center in the country every year, named after him. He was drafted as the 25th overall pick in the 1983 NFL Draft by the Cincinnati Bengals. He has also been selected as the starting center in Sports Illustrated's all-century team.

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EA SPORTS NCAA Football 13 TV: "Son" (via EASPORTS)