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BTT First Round Quick Recaps

Andre Hollins was impressive in Thursday's win over Northwestern.
Andre Hollins was impressive in Thursday's win over Northwestern.

You probably know what happened in the BTT first round. The only upset was 10 Minnesota beating 7 Northwestern in heartbreaking fashion for the Wildcats. Purdue and Indiana took care of business against the conference doormats and Iowa might have just put the finishing touches on Bruce Weber's Illinois career. Here are some reactions from around the internet.

Iowa 64, Illinois 61

Iowa Reaction: It's time to dance!

Illinois Reaction: Talking about what's next for Illinois and Bruce Weber (HINT: Bruce Weber will not be the coach next year).

Indiana 75, Penn State 58

Indiana Reaction: IU's first BTT win is hard to celebrate after Verdell Jones III's knee injury.

Penn State Reaction: Some analysis about how Indiana stopped Tim Frazier.

Minnesota 75, Northwestern 68 OT

Minnesota Reaction: Hopeful for the future with Andre Hollins leading the way.

Northwestern Reaction: FML.

Purdue 79, Nebraska 61

Purdue Reaction: Happy with the offensive production out of the young guys.

Nebraska Reaction: Not too many people seemed surprised. That might have been the end of the Doc Sadler regime.