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BT Powerhouse Big Ten Awards 2012

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The BT Powerhouse writers have voted .. and the results are in!!

The BT Powerhouse Big Ten awards are after the jump!

BTPH's Big Ten All-Defensive Team:

BTPH's Big Ten All-Freshman Team:

BTPH's Third Team All-Big Ten:

BTPH's Second Team All-Big Ten:

BTPH's First Team All-Big Ten:


BTPH's Big Ten Sixth Man of the Year:

BTPH's Big Ten Freshman of the Year:

  • Trey Burke

BTPH's Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year:

  • Aaron Craft

BTPH's Big Ten Coach of the Year:

  • John Beliein

BTPH's Big Ten Player of the Year:

  • Draymond Green