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Thursday Info Dump

Most basketball fans have been giving their attention the past couple of weeks to the tournament, but a lot has been happening off the court. It's time to catch up on some recent events in the conference.

Nebraska hires Tim Miles as Coach

Miles previously coached at Colorado State, where this year he took the Rams to their first NCAA tournament in nine years. He was also named District VIII Coach of the Year by the US Basketball Writers Association. The folks at Corn Nation seem underwhelmed, but are optimistic about Ronald Coleman, an assistant who has deep Chicago ties. It's clear to everyone that the Nebraska program is miles away from competing at the top of the league, so maybe hiring a coach named Miles is a good idea. Check out the following links for more info:

Official Press Release from Nebraska

Husker CornCast: Tim Miles—Bad Hire?: The folks at Corn Nation discuss the hire on their podcast

Tim Miles Biography from

More news bites after the jump.

Illinois Coaching Search: Is Groce the man for the job?

After being rebuffed by Brad Stevens and Shaka Smart, it seems like Illinois has turned their attention to Ohio's John Groce. Hail to the Orange isn't sure that hiring a mid-major coach is the way to go:

Yes, I understand that there are many coaches that rise up from the lower ranks to become coaching greats, but frankly, there are many more Todd Lickliters out there than Bill Selfs. And frankly, Matta, Self and Lickliter all had far more impressive resumes coming into the Big Ten than does John Groce.

I definitely understand their concern, and Groce's 34-30 record in the MAC doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. Many are reporting that it is almost a done deal, so we'll probably get to see if he turns out more like Lickliter or more like Self.

Illini Fans Are Upset: But It Is Important To Understand Why - Hail to the Orange

Illinois basketball coach: Illinois' deal with Ohio's John Groce appears imminent -

Trevor Mbakwe Granted Sixth Year of Eligibility

Good news for Gopher fans: the NCAA has granted the talented power forward an extra year. Potential bad news for Gopher fans: he might forgo the extra year and enter the NBA draft. Probable good news for Gopher fans: it sounds like he is going to be playing in The Barn next year.

Minnesota Golden Gophers' Trevor Mbakwe 'leaning toward' returning - ESPN

NCAA grants Trevor Mbakwe sixth year | - The Minnesota Daily

All-American Teams Announced

Jared Sullinger and Draymond Green were both named to the Wooden All-American team and to the AP All-American first team. Trey Burke, Robbie Hummel, Jordan Taylor, John Shurna and Cody Zeller were named honorable mention All-Americans.

Green, Sullinger make Wooden, AP All-America Teams -

Northwestern holds press conference to say they are sticking with Carmody

Reaction to this from the Sippin on Purple writers and readers is mixed to say the least. Check out the links below to see for yourself. I think Loretta8 said it best in one of the comment threads:

I agree with some of what both sides are arguing.

"Carmody hasnt made the tournament in 12 years, therefore we should start over with someone new, even though there’s a risk we could get worse." – reasonable point

"Carmody has the program at unseen heights, if we get rid of him the next guy will probably be worse since who’s going to want the NU job?" – also a reasonable point

Its a difficult situation with no clear cut answer.

Bill Carmody to remain head coach at Northwestern - Sippin' On Purple

Jokes: Bill Carmody and I Grab a Sandwich - Sippin' On Purple

So, Maybe Keeping Bill Carmody was Sorta a Good Idea - Sippin' On Purple