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How far will the Big Ten teams go?

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The BT Powerhouse writers have some more predictions. This time, we predict just how far each Big Ten team will go in the NCAA Tournament.

The predictions are after the jump!

babaoreally's predictions:

Indiana: Sweet 16
MSU: Elite Eight
Purdue: Lose First Game
Michigan: Sweet 16
Ohio State: Final Four
Wisconsin: Round of 32

apy5000's predictions:

Indiana: defeats New Mexico State, but loses to Wichita State
Michigan State: defeats LIU, Saint Louis, Long Beach State and Missouri to get to the Final Four before falling to Kentucky
Wisconsin: defeats Montana, Vanderbilt and Kansas State before losing to Ohio State in the Elite Eight.
Ohio State: beats Loyola, Gonzaga, Florida State and Wisconsin to reach Final Four. Defeats Kansas and Kentucky to win the championship!
Michigan: defeats Ohio and Cal, but falls to North Carolina in the Sweet Sixteen
Purdue: beats St. Mary's, but loses to Kansas

StegerWithSwagg's predictions:

Indiana: Lose to NM St. in 1st game
MSU: Elite Eight
Purdue: Lose to St. Mary's in 1st game
Michigan: Loses in 2nd game
Wisconsin: Sweet 16
Ohio State: Sweet 16

David P Funk's predictions:

Indiana: Sweet 16
MSU: Final Four
Purdue: Round of 32
Michigan: Sweet 16
Ohio State: Lose in championship game to Kentucky
Wisconsin: Sweet 16

OBrienSchofieldismyHero's predictions:

Michigan State: Elite Eight (at worst), get stunned by a Cinderella. Eventually, they stop shooting 50% at the worst possible moment.
Ohio State: Elite Eight.
Wisconsin: Sweet Sixteen, before getting chopped to bits by Syracuse, Fab Melo or no Fab Melo. If K-State knocks off #1 'Cuse in the Round of 32, then this gets VERY interesting.
Michigan: Sweet Sixteen. Again, Cal could give them fits in the Round of 32, but if for some reason unknown but to God Michigan ends up drawing USF in the Round of 32, they should beat the snot out of them. I don't have much faith in Temple advancing, but if Fran Dunphy's 1-4 NCAA record doesn't make that clear, not much will...
Indiana: Sweet Sixteen. If they draw Kentucky here, they won't have the advantage of a home crowd. It would take either Kentucky getting ousted in the 2nd round (Round of 32, in other words, because they're NOT losing to a 16 seed. But Josh Pastner is not a wimp in the tournament) or Kentucky putting together an awful showing for IU to get to the Elite Eight.
Purdue: Round of 32. If they survive St. Mary's, their next opponent is KU, and KU's talent level is on par with the teams that squashed Purdue this year, if not above them (MSU and Ohio State).

BT Hoops' predictions:

Indiana: Round of 32
Michigan State: Elite Eight
Ohio State: Elite Eight
Wisconsin: Sweet 16
Michigan: Sweet 16
Purdue: Round of 32

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