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BTT Prediction Contest Final Results

StegerWithSwagg and Seer both had 17 points after Michigan State's win in the Big Ten Tournament Final. SWS ended up in first place due his guess of 130 points as the tiebreaker. The total score of the game was 132. Since SWS is a writer on the site, he is not eligible to win the prize. So Seer wins the gift certificate to the BTN store.

The rest of the results are after the jump, or you can click here to see the spreadsheet.

Thanks to everyone who picked.

StegerWithSwagg 17

Seer 17

MNWildcat 16

alacy9513 15

wtemancantjmp 14

StewMonkey13 13

babaoreally 13

apy5000 13

cadmus2166 13

wallrock 12

bocktown 12

cbrett42 11

hoosierdaddynow 11

stove 10

MSUDersh 10

GopherNation 10

AlexVandy22 10

slidingscrapes 10

JoshuaR 9

travesty 8

Danwesly Meyer 8

boilerrob 7

BT Hoops 4