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Thoughts While Watching Ohio State vs. Michigan

I'm writing down my thoughts as I watch this game. Feel free to use this as an open thread to discuss the game.

Second Half

0:00 Ohio State wins in a rout. Hopefully the OSU-MSU final tomorrow is more competitive.

From @MattMcCoyWTVN: William Buford will be the first player in BTT history to play in the final all four years of his career. OSU won the last two and lost in the finals three years ago to Purdue.

2:52 Subs in for both teams. They have given up. So I will give up as well.

4:20 Aaron Craft's mouthpiece on the ear thing is pretty disgusting.

4:20 Pac-12 Final up next! Watch teams that are worse than you will see in a mid-level conference!

6:00 This game is over. The announcers are barely talking about the game, and I can't blame them. Unless there is a fight or something, I don't think there will be too many more updates.

10:30 Michigan is 3/19 from three. They're on track for 40 points in the game.

13:14 If it takes them very long to fix this shot clock, there is a good chance I will fall asleep.

16:32 Smotrycz would be more likable if he didn't complain about every call that goes against him.

17:50 UM 2/14 from three. As they say, "Live by the three, die by the three."

19:30 Not a good start. Buford with a three.

Hopefully UM can make a game out of this.

First Half

0:00 I don't think UM knows that holding for the last shot means that you actually have to shoot it, not just hold it.

0:35 I don't think OSU knows what a 2-for-1 is.

1:10 UM breaks 20.

1:42 Will Michigan be able to top their 20-point first half performance from yesterday?

4:06 30-14 OSU. Timeout Michigan. I can't wait to watch this commercial, one play from the game, and then watch another commercial during the under four timeout.

4:40 That's gotta be a foul on Novak there. Ravenel was on the ground and Novak jumped on top of him. I hate it when refs decide to not call any fouls just because it is a loose ball. Normal rules about jumping on top of a guy laying on the ground still apply. Also, these long replays on loose balls and flagrant fouls are pretty annoying.

5:27 Ravenel surprised that you can't knock a guy down with your off-forearm while blocking a shot and not get a foul called on you.

7:25 Great steal by Craft. That's why coaches always tell the big guys to keep the ball up when inside.

10:05 Michigan on a little run here. Chance to cut the lead to seven.

11:31 Novak returns the favor on the other end and gets a charge called on Sullinger. Michigan still looks terrible on offense. 16-3 OSU.

13:11 Sullinger with a obvious flop; ref dutifully calls the offensive foul.

14:40 A missed dunk is a good barometer of how this game is going for Michigan.

15:27 Sullinger is looking very good on the offensive end.

I don't think buying a brand new truck is a good way to combat high gas prices. I guess Dennis Leary, a professional comedian and actor, knows something I don't.

16:20 Buckeyes dominating UM in the paint on offense.

17:46 Michigan got a lot of offensive rebounds on that possession. Ohio State, with their superior size, should be able to do a better job keeping UM off of the glass.