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Thoughts While Watching Wisconsin vs. Michigan State

Second Half

0:00 That's it. MSU advances to the BTT Finals for the first time since 2000(!). They have been in Finals twice, winning in both 1999 and 2000.

4:21 Steve Kerr says that Larry Bird has done a good job with the Pacers the past couple of years. I don't think anybody will ever say that about Kerr's GM tenure with the Suns.

5:00 I'm not a fan of these alternate camera angles during a game. Please just give us the standard up high sideline view. Mix it up during replays if you want, but not during live play.

As OBrienSchofieldismyHero pointed out on twitter, I don't think Ryan Evans should be chucking up a bunch of threes. He is 19% for the year.

7:28 Jordan Taylor, please don't complain about a foul call after you swing your arm into Green's face.

7:46 MSU back in control, back up 14.

9:25 Appling buries a three at the end of the shot clock. UW no longer has the momentum.

10:30 Northwestern has never made the tourney? That's the first I've heard of that.

11:56 Second time in the game we have had an MSU timeout followed by an MSU basket and a foul, followed by a TV timeout.

12:10 Timeout MSU. Momentum is clearly on Wisconsin's side, as they have cut the 19 point lead to 6.

12:24 At least they didn't have to go to the replay tog et that call right.

12:40 That was a super-late call, but Bruesewitz definitely pushed Green in the back on that shot.

14:30 Michigan State getting sloppy. Still up 13, though.

15:26 I hate it when players and coaches complain after obvious calls. Thornton takes a stutter step after getting the pass and he and Izzo can't understand why travelling was called.

Seeing Dane Fife on the MSU bench makes me wonder what Dugan is doing these days.

16:52 Good job by CBS showing the pointless RPI graphs while Bo Ryan picks up a technical.

17:30 Thornton is having the game that Wilson had yesterday for Wisco.

18:15 Ryan Evans hits a shot to stop UW's streak of missed field goals.


From @BTNStatsGuy: UW missed its last 10 shots from the floor in the last 10 minutes of the half.

Good thing about living in Ft. Wayne: Watching the Christian Laettner Nothin' But Net Challenge commercial.

Grant Hill "The starting lineup felt we were the Jackson 5, and each one of us thought that we were Michael." Speaking for myself, I would not want to be Michael Jackson, the only one of the 5 that I know has been accused of pedophilia.

First Half

0:1.4 I know that the fifth timeout is lost if you don't use it, but it doesn't mean these timeouts with almost no time left in the half are any less annoying.

0:55 Bo Ryan will be glad when this half's over; halftime might stop MSU's momentum.

2:21 Maybe I'm crazy, but I don't think what happens tomorrow (5 minutes or so before the selection show) in the BTT finals will be make it or break it for MSU's 1 seed hopes.

3:11 Good pass by Evans there. Wisconsin will stay in this if they can keep getting to the line; it helps get them through bad shooting stretches.

3:30 Draymond finally gets on the board.

5:00 Brandon Wood playing well. I bet Izzo is glad that graduate transfer rule exists.

6:06 Nix with a really nice move to give MSU their first lead of the game.

7:15 Thornton with the flop/takedown move. Ref not fooled. That's two fouls on the hottest player on the court. He sits.

7:30 Bo, you might to tell your guys to guard Thornton.

8:20 Nice block by MSU #0 Byrd.

9:15 Evans should have ran some clock there instead of shooting quickly after the off. rebound.

10:34 I hate it when the announcers don't watch what the refs call. It's a travel when they moves their arms like that, Steve, not an offensive foul.

Gatorade now causes lazy people to become world-champion swimmers? Good to know.

12:00 MSU might want to guard the three here. Or just hope they start missing. 17-9 UW.

12:28 A three-point miss off of the glass by Wisconsin. A Draymond Green pass to no one.

13:02 Pretty weak charge call there.

13:30 MSU would really be in trouble without Nix. He's got all of their points.

15:43 Love the timeout followed by a short play and then the TV timeout. 9-2 Wisco.

16:00 Shutout?

17:31 Terrible call there. Wisconsin's strategy of waiting until the end of the shot clock to do anything will surely succeed if the refs keep calling those.