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Power Rankings: Vol. 4

Jared Sullinger uses his padded arm sleeve things to keep OSU atop the Power Rankings.
Jared Sullinger uses his padded arm sleeve things to keep OSU atop the Power Rankings.

No groups this week, just straight rankings. If there was a group, I would put 6-10 in the "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back" category.

1. Ohio State - 1.0 (no change)

The win at Madison solidifies the Buckeyes at the top spot, exactly where their talent level should have them.

2. Michigan State - 2.0 (no change)

Michigan State's 41-42 loss at Illinois brought back memories of that awful 39-36 Wisconsin-Penn State game from last year's BTT. A bounce back win at home against the hated Wolverines keeps them at #2.

3. Wisconsin - 3.3 (up 1)

4. Michigan - 3.7 (down 1)

These two teams are basically even. Wisconsin had won six in a row before Thad Matta and Co. rolled into Madison. Michigan defended their home court against IU and lost at MSU.

5. Indiana - 5.0 (up 2)

A win at Purdue isn't as impressive this year as most, but it's Tom Crean's first big road win in his four years at IU. A unanimous #5 ranking; we're pretty confident in this ranking at this moment.

6. Illinois - 6.2 (up 2)

Every team from #6 on down has major flaws and some bad losses. The Illini managed to lose a home game against Northwestern and moved up two spots because of their win against MSU. It doesn't make sense, but that's the Big Ten in a nutshell this year. Winning a game after only scoring 42 points is pretty impressive in some ways.

7. Minnesota - 7.3 (down 1)

Winning a road game against anyone is impressive, even if it is Nebraska. Losing at Iowa was a missed opportunity considering they had a ten point lead in the second half.

8. Purdue - 8.2 (down 3)

A loss to Indiana at home for Purdue is about as bad as it gets. The Boilermakers don't seem to be very good at offense or defense this year, which is a problem.

9. (tie) Northwestern - 9.2 (up 2)

The Wildcats won two games in a row for the first time in conference play, but it only brings their total wins up to four. Winning at Illinois while only playing six guys (a couple of who would not see the floor on other Big Ten teams) is pretty impressive.

9. (tie) Iowa - 9.3 (no change)

What separates Iowa and NU in ninth from Illinois in sixth? Nothing in my opinion; it's that close and it seems to change every game based on who is playing the least badly. Iowa's remaining schedule looks pretty easy to compared to a lot of other teams. They may be creeping up a few spots in the coming weeks.

11. Nebraska - 11.3 (down two)

The Huskers lost to Northwestern and Minnesota this week, so they drop a couple of spots.

12. Penn St. - 11.6 (down one)

Another winless week for PSU keeps them in the cellar.