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Power Rankings: Vol. 7

MSU has taken all of the drama out of the top of the Power Rankings.
MSU has taken all of the drama out of the top of the Power Rankings.

As I was tabulating the results (OK, looking at the spreadsheet), it seemed like there were some natural groupings. So I arranged the teams in groups for old time's sake.

1. Michigan State - 1.0 (no change)

The Spartans are already assured of at least a share of the conference crown. A win at Indiana or at home against Ohio State would be enough for a outright title. They are in a class by themselves.

2. Wisconsin - 2.7 (up two)

3. Ohio State - 2.8 (down one)

4. Michigan - 3.5 (down two)

All of the second-tier teams won and lost a game last week. Wisconsin's win at Ohio State was the most impressive, and Michigan's loss to Purdue and their near loss at Northwestern puts them at the bottom of this grouping.

5. (tie) Indiana - 5.5 (no change)

5. (tie) Purdue - 5.5 (up one)

Indiana looked good in their win at Minnesota and also had a game against the North Carolina Central Eagles. Purdue blew out Nebraska at home and followed that up by pulling away from Michigan in the second half for a big road win.

7. (tie) Northwestern - 7.5 (up one)

7. (tie) Iowa - 7.5 (no change)

Northwestern still has a shot at getting into the tournament without winning the Big Ten Tournament. Iowa doesn't (because of their poor showing in the non-con), but they are on equal footing in the conference standings and the power rankings.

9. Minnesota - 9.2 (no change)

10. Illinois - 10.0 (up one)

The Gophers have fallen on hard times recently, losing their last five games. They have all been against quality opponents, but it's hard to move up in the rankings without a win. Illinois finally got a win, beating Iowa on Sunday. It looks like this tier is headed to the NIT.

11. Penn State - 11.0 (no change)

12. Nebraska - 11.8 (down two)

Penn State leapfrogs Nebraska after the Huskers' 34 point showing against Michigan State. To put 34 points in perspective, if Nebraska was in that terrible Big Ten Tournament game last year against Penn State (instead of Wisconsin), they would have lost by two.